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ZW32F-12 Series Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Rated main circuit current
Rated current
The rated voltage
Distribution circuit T pick the 10 kv overhead line or end user internal failure occurs, because of its into line switch protection action time and outlet switch substation protection time with not reasonable timing, will cause line switch trip of substation. If the fault property is permanent, the substation will fail and the local accident in the middle pressure user boundary will cause the power failure of the whole l0kV distribution line.
Cut-off T it or if the client (responsibility) installing a users is intelligent switch (commonly known as watchdog), after a judge to confirm user limits failure (such as over current, short circuit, single phase grounding fault), automatic fault isolation, you can ensure that the fault section normal electricity users.
ZW32F-12 outdoor high voltage ac intelligent vacuum circuit breaker is a kind of user interface switch developed by our company. It is mainly composed of ZW32-12 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker on the pillars ontology, FDR fault detection controller, as well as the external voltage transformer of three parts, three by air outlet and outdoor seal control cable for electrical connection. Has the function of fault detection, protection and control and communication function, can reliable judgment, detection limits, and zero sequence current, out of milliamperes and interphase short circuit fault current, and realize automatic removal of single-phase grounding fault and short-circuit fault.
ZW32-12 outdoor high voltage ac vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is an outdoor power distribution equipment with a rated voltage of 12kV and a three-phase ac 50Hz. It is mainly used to break the load current, overload current and short circuit current in the power system. It is suitable for the protection and control in substation and industrial and mining enterprise distribution system, and the frequent operation of rural power grid.

Technical specification
Rated voltage: 12
Rated frequency: 50
Rated current: 630, 1250
Mechanical life: 10000 times
Rated operating sequence: O-0.3S-CO-180S-CO
Rated operating voltage: AC/DC220
Weight: about 140
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