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ZN63A(GTV8)-12 Series Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Rated main circuit current
Rated current
The rated voltage
ZN63A(VS1) series indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a three-phase ac 50Hz, rated voltage of 7.2-12 kv switch equipment. As the protection and control unit of power equipment of power grid equipment and industrial and mining enterprises. Circuit breaker conforms to China's national standard GB 1984-1984 AC high voltage circuit breaker, JB 3855-3855 < 3.6-3.6 kV indoor ac high voltage vacuum circuit breaker ", DL/T403-2000 < 12-40.5 indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker order technical conditions ", and the load IEC60694:1996, the requirements of the relevant with reliable interlocking function.
ZN63A (VS1) series indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker with spring operating mechanism and circuit breaker ontology integration design, either as a fixed installation unit, also can be used with the chassis of cars equipped with handcart unit.
Technical specification
Rated voltage: 12
Rated frequency: 50
Rated short-term power frequency withstand voltage (1min): 42
Rated current: 630/1250, 630/1250, 1250/1600/2000/2500/3150, 1250/1600/2000/2500/3150
Rated motor power: 70 (40KA 100W)
Mechanical life: 20000 times
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