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10kVS(B)H Amorphous Alloy Oil-immersed Transformer
Rated main circuit current
Rated current
The rated voltage
The transformer can transform the voltage of the grid into the voltage required by the system or load, and realize the transmission and distribution of electric energy. This transformer can replace the transformer of silicon steel core and is widely used in outdoor power distribution system.
The large number of the products in the net operation is desirable to save energy and reduce the pollution to the atmosphere. This product is especially suitable for areas with low power and load fluctuation and difficulty in daily maintenance. Due to transformer adopts fully sealed structure, insulating oil and insulating medium is not affected by air pollution, and thus can be run in the humid environment, urban and rural areas is the ideal power distribution equipment in the distribution network.
The core of amorphous alloy core distribution transformer is made of amorphous alloy strip. The best advantage is that the no-load loss is very low. The no-load loss is about 65% lower than the S11 transformer. It belongs to the national secondary energy efficiency product. The low voltage USES copper foil coil to enhance the transformer's ability to withstand short circuit. The connection group USES Dyn11 to reduce the influence of harmonics on the power grid and improve the power supply quality. The fuel tank and box cover welded into a whole sealing structure, extending service life and maintenance free; The transformer adopts vacuum drying and vacuum filling, which can completely eliminate the bubbles in the coil and ensure the insulation performance.
Technical specification
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