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HXGN□-12 Solid Insulated Ring Main Unit
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HXGN□-12box type fixed metal closed loop switch equipment (hereinafter referred to as the ring network cabinet) is a new high-voltage switchgear for urban power grid transformation and construction needs. As an open circuit in the power supply system and close short circuit current, load current ring network cabinet is suitable for the exchange of 12 kv, 50 hz in the distribution network system, widely used in urban power grid construction and renovation project, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings and public facilities, etc., as a ring net power supply unit and terminal equipment, plays an electric power distribution, control and the protection of electric equipment, can also be used in a box-type substation. This ring is equipped with a pneumatic load switch and a vacuum load switch. The operating mechanism is a spring actuator, which can operate both manually and electrically. It can also be equipped with the isolation switch and the VS1 fixed circuit breaker. The complete set of the ring network is strong, small in size, no fire and explosion danger, and has a reliable "five defense" function.
Technical specification
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